Eta Beta

Eta Beta Chapter – Chartered February 27, 1971

The first Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO) chartered at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Spring ’71 
The 12 Disciples

DeWitt Borders
Greg Andrews
Charles Campbell
James Cheeks
Leon Rucker
Robert Fenner
Clarence Howard
Kenneth Paris
Benny Calhoun
Ernest Varner
Jerry Hanner
Jimmy Stubbs


D.P.- Jerry Hanner
Vernon Porter “Show Dog”
Robert Williams
Albert Woodard
Larry Ford
Joel Hobbs “Big Tex”
Bruce Mitchell
Kenneth Parks
Steve Richardson
Willie Walker

Spring ’73

Leroy King

Fall ’73 
The Tenacious Three

Robert Griffin “Grip”
George Cooke “Pretty Que”
A.O. Mott

Fall ’74

Eddie Kitchen “DD”
Harold McGhee “Big Mac”

Spring ’76

Freddie Hanner
Tony Jackson “Hollywood”

Fall ’77
The Funky Four

Peter Bullard
Charles Cooke “Bug”
Irvin Miller
Tony Tiggs

Summer ’78
The Brave One

Joe Rowe “Cream”

Spring ’79
The Undertakers

Dexter Allen
Tracy Arnold
Clifford Elton
Reggie D. Smith

Spring ’80

Michael Johnson “Serpent”

Fall ’80

Tony Thurman

Spring ’81
The Long Time Game

Roy Dennis “Chester”
James Atwater “Pacino”
Donald Spence “City Boy”
Marcus Stewart “Sling Shot”
Theo Garner “Mojo”
Odell Norfleat “Headquarters”
Leroy Woodard

Spring ’82
The Psycho Six

Tony Johnson”Cobra “
Willie Gillispie
David Crawford
Rex Parker
Donald Robinson
Casey Jones “Thunderbolt”

Fall ’82
The Treacherous Three

Al Ringer
Eric McHenry
Paul Coakley “Pissy Paul”

Spring ’83 

The Untouchables

Michael Toomer “Toomer Brain”
Eric Ayers “Easy-Grip”
Gerald Few “Skinny”
Antinio Petty “Pet Rock”
Garth Jones “Big Nose Frat”

Summer ’84
The Final Four

Alton Taylor “Papa Smurf”
Daniel Woodard “Worrisome Woodard”
Michael Chaney “Brutus Beefcake”
Michael Makins “Big Ugly”

Fall ’86
Treacherous Trio of Doom

Hugh Grogan
Anthony Jones “Slick”
Jerome Merrell “Krush”

Spring ’87 

12 Acts of Terror

Darryl Streeter “Street”
Darryl Baker “Deuce”
J.J. Kirkpatrick “Pee Wee”
Myron Dennis “Jimmy the Cricket”
Ardra Lockleart “Chud”
Rodney Coleman “Don Juan”
Bobby Grier
William Ivery “Devastator”
Cedric Taylor “Terminator”
Gary Cooper “Regulator”
Terry Mitchell “Wound Beater”

Spring ’89

Samuel Bird
Patrick Truly

Fall ’89

The Last 2 of 8

Rod Anthony “Devious”
Bryon Kelloge “Psycho”

Summer ’90

Shingo Weems “Solo”

The Un4Given

D.P. Rod Anthony
Chris Early “Hump Dog”
Nate Johnson “Raven”
Kevin Burley “Viper”
Damian Miller “Omen”

The Final 4

D.P. Rod Anthony
Brian Gwyn “B-Real”
John Dunbar “Scandalous”
Scottie Gallaher “Shaq Nasty”
Demarco Kemp “Holy Dog”

8 Ways Through Hell

D.P. Brian Gwyn
Kevin Wade ” TAP”
Chris Smith” Executioner”
Keith Spikes” Playa Playa”
Stan Sullivan” Show Dog”
Tedrick Dawson ” Chubby”
Maryo Beck” Super Mario”
Lamar Washington” The Chosen One”
Quante Vance” Que”

Fall ’96
Gruesome Twosome

D.P. – Brian Gwyn
Sam Patton “II Vicious”
Terrance Smith ” Relentless”

Spring ’97 
4 Corners of the Earth

D.P. – Maryo Beck
Mario Walker ” Fresh Prince”
James Brown “Suave Luva”
Marcus McKibben “Heart Attack”
Kurtis Newbold “DeBo”

Fall ’98 
Four Men, Five Spirits

D.P. – Kurtis Newbold
Anthony Ford “Closet Freak”
Calvin Covington “Double Jeopardy”
Terry Brooks “Lucky”
Marco Shepherd “Heavenly Dog” (R.I.P)
Sean Cash “Big Shadow”

Fall ’99 
The Last of the Dying Breed

D.P.- Mario Walker
Carlos Locklyn “Lock Dog”
Kenyatta McCoy “Supaman Luva”
Jimmy Lindsey “Raw Dog”
Larry Wright “Youngblood”
LaColis Robertson “Nasty Prince”
Carlton McClelland “Da ShowStoppa”
Foster Dorsett “Rasta Que”
MarKeith McCoy “Convict Que”

Spring ’01 
The 4 Lost Souls

D.P.- Jimmy Lindsey
Damien Jones “Outkast”
Donald Curtis “Gladiator”
Keither Perry “I. Que”
Cedrick Cox “Espionage”

Spring ’03 
The Undeniable 8

D.P. Carlos Locklyn
Andre Harris ” And 1″
Phillip Brown Jr ” Rock Solid”
Marqis Warfield ” UnderDawg”
Kenneth Herring ” CraQUElator”
Shayne Hudson ” Novacane”
Steven Wood ” Omega Wood”
Jeronathan Rucker ” Can’t Get Right”
Quentin Taylor ” Shadow Que”

Fall ’05
The Testimonies of Perseverance & Triumph

Michael Burton
Reginald Smith II
Dejuan Payne
Reshard Montgomery
Travis White
Lyndon Baskin
Sidney Williams
Jacob Brown
Rakia Haynes

Fall ’07
3 Canines of Chaos

Anthony Jones
Allen Green
Kenneth Scriven

Fall ’08
Da General’s Army

Kyle Richard
Clifton Davis
Byron Allen
Erroll Wynn
Jamaal Hudson
Joseph Thornton
Richard Rodgers
Brian Heflin
Rickey Jones

Spring ’10
Five Resurrected Souls of Chaos

Justin Sullivan Brown
Justin Gipson
Bradley Wilson
Maurice Sims
Davaunte Dotstry

Spring ’11
The Predators of the Sons of Blood and Thunder

Kristin Owens
Brian Singleton
Marquez Burnett

Fall ’11
The Renaissance of Centennial

Julian Robinson Parks
Cortez Mosby
Trevoris Bogan
Yurick Griggs

Fall ’12
4 Canines of Mission Impossible

Donovan Grace
Kendall James
Jamal Cooper
Michael Jones

Fall ’13
6 Comrades of War and Perseverance

Brandon Cooper
Kincaid Nolan
Mark Gilbert
Matt Miller
Tristan Dodds
Kenneth Taylor

Spring ’15
Four Heads of Honcho

Nicholas Reeves
Steven Sains
Nickolas Crowell
Jamal Donoso

Spring ’16
4 Legends of Aspiration War and Soul

Justin Delaney
Jazon Hayes
Darius Alexander
Jordan Thompson

Spring ’17
2 Resurrected Souls of Renaissance

Torrey Harris
Branden Parker

Fall ’18
6 Resurrected Souls of Tenacity

Cameron Grogan
Jerik Vester
Deonte Woods
Jalen Hunt
David Jean-Baptiste
Chad Garrett

Fall ’21
6 Sons of LiQHer

Jefhry Taylor Jr.
Bruce Robinson Jr.
Larry Schofield III
Gino Appleberry Jr.
Tyron Arnett Jr.
Travon Jones


There have been so many great men who have come through this chapter that have helped me through college, business, and life.


HB is a chapter that allows you to be you and still help you grow into a better version of yourself.

CAMERON GROGAN, Business Major

Being the newest member of the chapter has been an experience. I have learned so much and have much more to learn and add. 

JEFHRY TAYLOR, Business Major





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